This story is a work of fiction; however, this event did happen and inspired this story. We did indeed have a spectator, but he only watched until he finished and quickly left. I have obviously used fake names to keep our identities hidden. Have fun reading ;)


Max and Laura had been married for a few years now and they were madly in love. Max cherished Laura and Laura was deeply in love with Max. They were both still in their 20's and had their whole lives ahead of them and they looked forward to spending every waking minute of it together with one another.

When they had first met, they slept around at parks, movie theatres, parking lots, ect. Anywhere and everywhere they could fuck, they would. They were so deeply intertwined with one another that they were nearly inseparable. They didn't see it at first, but they enjoyed making love in public where they might be seen or caught. It made it that much more fun.

It wasn't until a few years later, when they had calmed down from fucking like rabbits, that they began to look at their kinks together.

"Do you remember when we used to fuck in the park and we'd be going at it for awhile without a care in the world except eachother?" Max asked Laura while she read a book.

Laura put down her Murder Mystery book and looked at Max with a raised eyebrow. Her bright green eyes stared deep into his ocean blues as she tried to figure him out. "Yes, now why would you ask me that, my love?"

Max smiled, blushing a little. "Just thinking of the old days."

"Old days?" Laura questioned as she crossed her slender leg over the other. "Babe, that was like 2-3 years ago! We aren't that old yet, ya goofball!"

Max laughed and threw a pillow at Laura who quickly deflected it with her super quick ninja skills. It sparked a pillow war which ended with Laura claiming championship of the match. "Why do you ask though?" Laura finally replied as she struggled to regain her breath from their random pillow war.

"I don't know," Max white lied, "Well, alright maybe I do know. Would you want to do that again?"

Laura was intrigued at this point and her heart raced, "But we have our house here? I mean, I'm not opposed to it. What if someone sees us?"

"That just makes it that much more fun..." Max's voice trailed off as he stared at his beautiful wife who was now sitting with her elbows on her knees and head buried in her hands staring with 'I love you' eyes.

Laura smiled brighter and giggled as she hopped off the couch and started her shower. "Fine! You're taking me dinner first though. I ain't cheap."

Max laughed and spanked her ass as she darted down the hallway, "Hey!! I already married you, is that not enough??"

Laura slammed the door shut to keep Max from striking her butt again. With a playful giggle, she responded, "Of course it was! But you still gotta wine and dine me babe!"

Max laughed and returned to the living room to pick up their couch cushions. "Wine and dine," Max chuckled to himself. "Yeah, ok babe."


Max and Laura sat down at a restaurant later that night and had a beautiful dinner together. Laura was wearing Max's favorite white and blue dress that had a skirt that sat mid-thigh and was busty in the chest. It hugged her tightly and showed off her petite, thin frame with beautiful breasts and a cute butt hidden below the skirt. Max even threw on a dress shirt to compliment her dress. Just for the occasion, Laura even put in her black, lacy thong for easy access for later. She had been horny all day thinking about having sex in their car at a park again.

It had been awhile since they'd gone and done something risky like they used to, and it made her heart race and her pussy ache when she thought about it. Max felt the same way and continued to pop random boners throughout the day and dinner thinking about what they were going to do.

Max kissed Laura's soft, pale cheek after moving her brown shoulder length hair behind her ear. With a soft whisper Max said, "You uh...wanna get outta here? I can't wait any longer, my love."

Laura blushed a rosy red and bit her lip. "Ok. Me neither!"

Max quickly flagged down the waiter and paid their tab before darting off down the street with Laura hanging on his arm. A whistle came from some random guy as Laura's skirt lifted, exposing her firm, round butt. Laura quickly pushed it back down and hugged into Max again. "Fucking wind."

"Yeah, but at least that guy got a quick peek huh?" Max joked with Laura who softly punched him as they got to their car and Max opened the door for her.

"Yeah, I bet you liked that huh?" Laura replied as she sat down in her seat as Max shut the door behind her.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's get out of here already. I've been wanting to fuck you all day and I'm not about to wait another minute," Max replied as he threw the car into reverse and headed towards a nearby park.


The radio flashed midnight by the time they found an old park they had routinely gone to due to the police rarely stopping by. Parks closed at 10pm and they had been caught before and kindly reminded of this by an officer. They found a new spot and hung on to it until the last few years.

Laura squeezed Max's hand as they pulled up into a secluded spot. Her heart beat hard in her chest as old memories flooded her mind of what they used to do here. Max shut off the car and looked over at Laura who instantly threw herself onto Max and began kissing him passionately. Max chuckled and kissed back, touching her cheek and caressing her neck.

"Somones impatient huh?" Max giggled as Laura shushed him and bit into his neck.

"Shut up. I've been thinking about this all day and I've been wet ever since you mentioned it," Laura replied as she deeply kissed Max and bit his lower lip.

Max grunted and smirked at her, "Oh really? Let me feel."

Laura moaned as she felt Max's warm hand glide between her legs and touch her pussy through her panties. She was dripping through them and Max smiled as he felt it.

"Wow baby. You're soaking already. Getting excited about being seen?"

Laura blushed again and touched Max's hardening cock in his pants before replying. "Oh yeah? Well what's this then?"

Max moaned softly as he felt her squeeze his cock through his pants. He admitted he was hard thinking about it too and that's all Laura needed before she unzipped his pants and let her husband's cock free. Max closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt his wife's mouth close around his cock and begin sucking on it.

"Oh God baby. I love when you suck on my cock. You're so good at it I have to keep from busting," Max grunted as he felt Laura's slender hands work his cock while she sucked passionately on it.

Laura paused and sat up, kissing Max's cheek and lifting her dress up to straddle him. "Oh yeah? Why don't you fuck me then hehe."

Max didn't even hesitate and shoved her thong to the side and slid his hard, saliva covered cock deep into Laura's pussy. It slid in easily with how wet she was and he moaned as he felt her clench down on him.

The car slowly rocked side to side as Laura grinder on Max's cock making him moan out loud. A nearby homeless man had heard the commotion and walked up to see what was going on. Laura and Max were too busy to notice two eyes peering into the car window and spotting what they were doing.

"Ooo-weee! Those two are fucking alright hehe! Must be my lucky day. Live porn." The homeless man cheered to himself as he watched as best he could through the car window.

Max's knee hit the radio and flipped it on which illuminated the car and gave the man a much easier view of what was going on. He could clearly see Laura's white and blue dress as she rolled her hips around on Max. Max looked over at the radio and moaned as Laura climaxed on his cock. His eyes caught a shifting figure in the window and Max squinted to try and see what it was. He saw two eyes staring right back at him.

"Oh?" Max thought to himself. "Someone's watching us??"

Max's cock hardened further at the thought of someone watching his wife fuck him. Max reached behind Laura and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to her hips and exposing her bare breasts. Laura giggled and rubbed them in Max's face who was more than eager to toy with her beautiful, perky breasts that were just big enough to fill your hands.

The hobo sighed as he saw Laura's youthful breasts come into view and his cock nearly sprang out of his pants. The radio light illuminated Laura's pale skin and she looked like a goddess in the dim light. Her cute pink nipples hardened in the cold air as she began riding Max again. Max switched his view from Laura to the creep standing in the window watching, and back to Laura.

"Hey..hey babe. Someone's watching us," Max whispered to Laura who quickly covered her breasts and paused fucking her husband.

"What??? Where??"

Max brought Laura against him and passionately kissed her soft lips. "Sssh. It's ok. Let them watch."

Laura moaned softly and gave Max a hard thrust which made him moan in return. "You want a stranger to watch us fuck? That's dirty babe..."

Max slapped her butt under her skirt. "You like it too. I felt you just get wetter."

Laura smirked and slowly began rocking her hips back and forth as she looked over at the window Max had been looking at. She saw the figure too, looming in and staring at her. Laura's heart raced in her chest with a mix of fear and lust.

The hobo moaned as he began touching his cock through his pants while watching the two lovebirds fuck. He was set on staring at her tits and wish he could see them better. Another man who was just strolling through the park saw the hobo peering into the car and stopped by.

"Hey what the fuck are you doing?"

"SSH! There is a gorgeous woman fucking some dude in the car. Come, look!" The hobo whispered as he let the other man look in.

Laura saw another set of eyes peer into the car before they got bigger and eyes her smooth, flawless body glowing with the radio light.

"Oh Dayyum this bitch is fine. Aye, you a creep my dude, but I'll fuck with it."

The hobo stood close to the other man as they watched Laura.

"Babe...there's two of them now..." Laura whispered in Max's ear.

He responded by grabbing her ass hard and whispering, "I think we should be nice and give them a better view, huh?"

Laura's cheeks burned red and she let Max slide out from under her and open the car door. The two men started backing away and mumbling excuses as to what they were doing. Max stood up out of the car with his cock throbbing and soaked in Laura's juices.

"Hey, hey it's ok. It's cool. You guys can watch if you want. Laura, come on out."

Laura was trembling with nervous excitement as she slowly emerged from the car and into the overhead light of the park. Her dress was still covering her lower half, but her perky, round breasts were exposed to two other men. She could feel her juices dripping down her thighs as she watched their jaws drop and look her up and down.

"His dayyum girl. You are fine as fuck!"

Max responded for Laura who was starstruck. "Thank you. This is my Wife."

The hobo touched himself again as he stared at Laura who quickly looked at him, saw what he was doing, and looked down at her feet.

"You two are married? Fine woman you got there brother."

Max thanked the man.

"No problem little homie. Names, Da'Qwan, but everyone calls me D."

Max smirked and started touching Laura's breasts in front of the two strangers. Laura moaned softly and stared at the two who had very visible erections in their pants. "D" was wearing basketball shorts and they were lifted high and outlines his thick cock that twitched occasionally. The hobo was wearing ripped up pants, but she could see his shaft through one of the holes. She saw a thick vein across it as he touched himself to her.

Max pulled her dress down to her feet, now fully exposing Laura to these two strangers. Laura grunted and smirked as the two men began unzipping their pants and let their cocks free. D's cock was huge and thick. It was black with a light brown head and heavy black balls that looked twice as big as her husbands. The hobo sported an average white cock, but it was drooling precum. More precum than Laura he ever seen before. Laura moaned as she felt Max's rock her cock slide into her once again as he began fucking her in front of these two men.

D and the hobo masturbated as they watched Laura's tits softly bounce and Max's rigid cock slide in and out of her tight hole. They imagined what it's be like to fuck her. D had never been with a white chick before and the hobo hadn't been with any chick in years, let alone someone that was way younger than he was. Max and Laura watched the two men as they touched themselves while watching Laura.

"You guys can touch her if you want," Max offered as he slowed his rhythm down to keep from cumming.

Luara moaned as the two eagerly began touching her soft, milky white skin. Two strangers were now touching her soft, lithe body. They molested her private parts, groping her breasts and touching her dripping, pink, hairless pussy. Max felt a hand or two graze his balls by accident and he figured they were touching Laura all over her pussy which was driving her into another orgasim.

Laura looked down as two sets of hands toyed and groped her tits while her husband fucked her from behind. She closed her eyes and came on Max's cock once again. She felt them playing with her breasts and pinching her nipples and then she felt hands glide around her smooth belly and grope at her ass and thighs.

Laura stared at their throbbing cocks and reached out to touch them. She took both cocks in each hand and started caressing them. She could feel how hard they were. She was touching two complete strangers cocks and they were throbbing just for her. Max smiled as he saw his wife touching these guys and he whispered to Laura, "See how hard you've made them? It's only fair you empty them now too."

Laura moaned, "You think so? Such big, heavy balls full cum. They just need release bad!"

The two men grunted as Laura slowly played with them, moving them side to side and up and down while Max slowly thrusted in and out of her pussy. She was surrounded by cocks, all hard and leaking for her. Max was about to cum and pulled free before he did and Laura saw his cock throbbing painfully hard as he fought off the growing explosion of cum.

"Ughhh...not yet. Not when there's two other cocks that need servicing."

Laura smirked at Max and she got on her knees before the two strangers and looked up at their cocks. She had never seen a big black cock before and the hobo's cock looked older and obviously hadn't had this much attention in years. Laura knew black guys craved white women and this hobo looked like her dad in a way. Two taboos mixed in with even more taboo. If Max was ok with it, then she was ok with it.

Laura took turns licking each cock from the balls up to the tip and back down before forcing them downwards and letting them fling back up again which made the guys moan and their precum flung around. Laura took the black cock into her tiny mouth and forced it down her throat until her nose hit his stomach and his big black balls rested on her chin. She brought his cock back out and did the same to the other man which made his cock spurt salty precum into her mouth.

"Damn she can suck a cock!!" One of them said.

"Yup! She won cock sucking queen at her bachelorette party," Max replied to whoever had said that.

Laura took D's cock into her mouth again and forced his black cock deep into her mouth which made him moan, "Oh fuck I can see why!"

The hobo continued touching Laura's soft, firm ass while she pleasured D who was in ecstasy with her mouth as she toyed with his large cock. Max watched Laura pleasure these two strangers and he could tell the hobo was barely holding on. His swinging balls were extremely full and had a vein twitching from them.

The hobo touched Laura's tight pussy making her moan as she swirled her hand and mouth around on the black cock.

"Oh man...what I would give to feel this pussy on my old cock. Your wife is magnificent. She is the pure form of beauty. I ache for release already," The hobo moaned out as he slipped a finger into Laura and felt her clench down on him hard.

"Laura..." Max said, his heart thumping in his chest. "I believe these two need some release."

Laura smiled at Max and leaned against the hood of the car while the hobo took his place behind her.

"R-really??? Oh man I've wanted to fuck a woman this hot all my life!! Oh girly, my cum is going to be very thick since I haven't gotten to cum in ages."

The hobo rubbed his oozing cock head against Laura's bare pussy before he slipped inside making him moan out as Laura's wet walls clamped down tight on his rigid old cock.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh. Oh man is she tight or what!! Ugh yes...let me play with those young tits of yours," the hobo groaned as he slowly thrusted in and out of Laura while reaching around to grab her hanging breasts and fiddle with them.

Laura moaned as she felt his cock scrape her insides back and forth while he massaged her firm breasts.

"You're so hard," Laura grunted as she felt his cock turn to steel.

"My dear. It isn't just any day I get to fuck someone as beautiful and as young as you. I've got a daughter your age and I've always wondered what it's be like to fuck her," he replied in a lustful tone while fondling Laura's breasts with slow, hard thrusts.

He was pacing himself so he wouldn't blow his load quickly. Max knew it very well with Laura. Her pussy was the perfect cock milker. He doubted anyone would last more than 5 minutes with her. He was right. The hobo picked up his ode and started grunting louder and louder as his balls began slapping Laura's smooth thighs.

"Ooh yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!! I'm gonna blow darling!!" The hobo closed his eyes tight and threw his head back quickly as the cum erupted from his balls in very, very thick waves. His cum was so thick from years without release that Max could physically see his balls shrinking with each spurt of cum. Laura's belly inflated just a little bit with how much he came inside of her. The hobos legs shook violently until his balls were emptied. He then stumbled around as he pulled himself free and held onto the door to keep from falling.

"Oh dear. You just about killed an old man with pleasure. I...I don't think I've ever cummed that hard in my life. I...I need to sit down," the hobo stuttered as he sat on a nearby curb, his spent cock and empty, deflated balls bouncing and swinging around as he stumbled and sat.

"Finally, my turn! Mmmmmf baby girl that pussy is looking fine. That old man's seed looks like it was all pushed out with how tight you are, so now it's my turn. Let me be the huge if this fine pussy."

D shook his cock against Laura's ass, snaking her with it before gliding it into her. His thick cock slid in with ease thanks to the copious amounts of cum left behind from the hobo.

"Oooof!! I ain't never felt a pussy like this in my life! Damn yo, your girl is fine as fuck!! Definitely wifey material right here. God damn you're really milking my balls right now!"

Laura moaned loud as she felt her belly bulge with his cock. She saw his two black balls dangling between her creamy thighs as he began thrusting into her like an animal in heat. Laura pushed him to the ground and straddled him to make him slow down before he hurt her with his thrusting. As she began grinding on his cock, he dug his hands into her hips. Max stood above Laura, his white cock rigid hard and oozing precum. Laura smiled at her husband and touched him making him moan.

"You're so hard baby! Getting excited seeing me being used by strangers? It was your idea to bring me here hehe." Laura moaned as she kissed the tip of Max's cock before taking it deep into her mouth. She loves the feeling of both of her holes being stuffed with eager, oozing cocks ready to burst.












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