Best Somali Erotica Ch. 06

When most people think of swingers, a Muslim couple hailing isn't the first image that comes to mind. Take Nora Alwan for example. The six-foot-tall, dark-haired and brown-skinned, curvaceous Somali-Norwegian beauty was born in the City of Oslo, Norway, to a Somali immigrant father, accountant Nabil Alwan, and a Norwegian mother, University of Oslo professor emeritus Christine Schroder. Educated at Oslo Metropolitan University, Nora moved to the City of London, United Kingdom, to pursue a career in modeling and acting. Along the way, Nora became a series regular in the British action comedy series Detective Regina, and met her future husband, Bashir Redmond. It was a match made in heaven.

Barrister and solicitor Bashir Redmond, a six-foot-four, broad-shouldered and athletic, ruggedly handsome Afro-British gentleman, was born in Watford, England, to a British father, Barrister Luther Redmond, and a Guinean Muslim immigrant mother, registered nurse Afifi Diallo-Redmond. While attending a modeling event held at his alma mater, Brunel University, Bashir saw the woman destined to be his future wife. Nora Alwan simply took Bashir's breath away, and there was an instant connection between them. They were both fruits of the African Diaspora in Europe, born of the union of African immigrants and European natives. With a foot in each world, these biracial Afro-Europeans were forced to make their own way.

Nora Alwan was raised as a Muslim but while she does have faith, she often finds the cultural restrictions imposed by rigid Muslim men upon women to be simply ridiculous. In Europe, Muslim women think for themselves. Nora lives her life her own way, and only the Most High can judge her. If certain Muslim men don't like what Nora does with her life, they can go to Hell. The biracial Afro-Norwegian beauty has the full support of her Catholic mother in that regard. Fortunately for Nora, Bashir is a good man whose strict Guinean mother raised him to respect the ladies. The two of them were a match made in heaven.

The tall and handsome Bashir Redmond is something of a bon vivant, and has always been popular with the ladies. His exploits with the women of Brunel University are nothing short of legendary. Prior to meeting Nora, Bashir never thought he'd settle down with just one lady. Like a lot of womanizers, Bashir felt that the ladies of the world would suffer greatly if he were to deprive them of his august presence by getting hitched. Fortunately, Nora proved to Bashir that marriage and prison, while remarkably similar, are not altogether the same thing, something which many men have come to fear.

Nora and Bashir are quite passionate, as befitting a married young couple, but they like to spice things up in unconventional ways. While browsing certain encounter spots online, Nora came across a lovely young Asian woman named Valerie Huong, and began chatting her up. A newcomer to London by way of Cao Bang, Vietnam, Valerie was enrolled at London Metropolitan University. The young lady was quite taken with the big city, and struck a friendship with Nora and her husband Bashir. The sexually adventurous couple showed their new friend Valerie their fair city, and welcomed her into their home.

"This is so extra," Nora said, and the tall, curvy young woman disrobed, displaying her golden brown, sinfully sexy body. As her husband Bashir and their new pal Valerie looked on, Nora turned around, and he grinned wolfishly as he admired that fine, thick ass of hers. Nora definitely inherited the best of both worlds from her Somali/Norwegian parentage, that's for damn sure. When Bashir first met Nora, she reminded him of actress Vida Valentine, whose films he definitely enjoyed back in the day. Valerie looked at Nora as if transfixed, and with good reason.

"You're so beautiful," Valerie said as if entranced, and with Bashir's encouragement, she began undressing. At five-foot-nine, Valerie was decidedly taller than the average Vietnamese woman, but she looked short standing next to the tall and voluptuous Nora. Bashir admired Valerie's slender, golden-hued body. She had small, perky breasts, a wiry, kind of muscular build, but a nice round ass. Women the world over are beautiful, but Asian ladies have their own unique charm. Fortunately for all involved, Bashir has voracious sexual appetites and doesn't discriminate...

"Ladies, you look exquisite," Bashir said, and he tossed his robe, revealing his dark brown, muscular body. After countless hours at the gym, Bashir looked more like a bodybuilder than the mid-level corporate barrister and solicitor that he was. Bashir's clients at Redmond & Associates, the law firm he ran with his father, often remarked on that fact. Nora winked at Bashir and Valerie looked at him appreciatively. Bashir has often been told how much he resembled actor Vin Diesel in his prime, only he was a bit darker.

"Hmm, I've heard that before," Nora said coyly, and Bashir rose from the bed, and went to her with open arms. Bashir and Nora kissed passionately, and then drew Valerie into their embrace. Valerie kissed Nora full and deep, loving the feel of the tall woman's slick tongue in her mouth. Bashir caressed Valerie, his roaming hands both gentle and firm. Valerie blushed when she came up for air, and after exchanging a look with Nora, she kissed Bashir as well. The three of them went to the bed, and that's when the fun really began...

"You are both so beautiful," Valerie said softly as Nora and Bashir drew her into their arms. The young Vietnamese woman sighed happily as Nora kissed her and caressed her breasts. Valerie loves both women and men, but she hasn't been with a lady since she left the City of Cao Bang and moved to London, England. Nora's kisses and gentle but knowing touch was exactly what Valerie needed, although she also welcomed Bashir's rugged manliness...

"Such a lovely woman," Bashir said, and Valerie grinned as he began sucking on her toes before moving upward. Gently spreading her legs, Valerie nodded at Bashir, who inhaled her womanly scent and then went to work. Burying his handsome visage between Valerie's legs, Bashir began eating her pussy. Meanwhile, Nora sucked on Valerie's ultra sensitive nipples, causing the young woman to squeal in delight. The sexually adventurous couple had their lovely guest right where they wanted her. Let the good times roll.

"Hmm, let me help you with that," Valerie said, and she reached for Bashir's dick, which was long and thick, and began stroking him. After he'd given her pussy a tongue bath, she felt like it was the right thing to do. Bashir kissed Nora as Valerie took him into her mouth and began fellating him. Nora grinned as her hubby caressed her breasts, then looked down at Valerie, who was busy swallowing Bashir's dick. Nora decided to give Valerie a helping hand, of sorts, since Bashir has a lot of dick to sling, enough for two women or more...

Valerie and Nora joined forces to handle Bashir's dick, much to his delight. Valerie sucked on Bashir's balls while Nora sucked his dick, and soon the women had him hard as a rock. Rolling a condom on his dick, Bashir stroked himself as Valerie got on all fours. As he came up behind the sultry Asian beauty, Bashir smiled at his wife Nora, who nodded. With a swift thrust, Bashir buried his dick inside Valerie's pussy and began fucking her with deep, passionate strokes. There's nothing quite like conquering new pussy...

"Hmm, eat my pussy while my husband fucks you," Nora told Valerie, as she drew closer to the younger woman, and spread her thick thighs invitingly. Valerie nodded, and sniffed Nora's pussy before she began eating her out. Bashir, doubly thrilled by the sight of Valerie's big butt grinding against his groin and Valerie's face in his wife Nora's crotch, nearly frigging came. Getting hold of himself, Bashir gripped Valerie's hips and continued to fuck her. Nora moaned softly and rubbed her nipples as Valerie ate her pussy. A good time was definitely being had by all...

As the evening rolled on, the three lovers continued to explore one another. Nora donned a strap-on dildo and fucked Valerie with it, after putting her on all fours. Nora's pussy was still tingling from how well Valerie stimulated her with her tongue and fingers, and she wanted to return the favor. After giving Valerie's pussy a good licking, Nora began to fuck her in earnest. Meanwhile, Bashir watched the two women go at it, marveling at what was unfolding in front of him.

"Here I come, babes," Bashir said, and he came up behind Nora, and caressed her thick round ass. Nora briefly turned and kissed Bashir, then smacked Valerie's ass while thrusting the dildo into her snatch. Bashir put on another condom and eased his dick into Nora's pussy from behind. Something about a bossy, dominant woman always turned Bashir on, and watching Nora dominate and fuck Valerie had him hard as a brick. Nora groaned as Bashir began fucking her, even as she continued to fuck Valerie with the strap-on dildo.

"Oh fuck yeah," Valerie cooed, loving the feel of Nora's dildo in her pussy. As Valerie continued to back that ass up, to take more of Nora's dildo in her pussy, she noticed that Nora's screams were changing in tune. Valerie turned and saw that Nora was getting dicked down by her husband Bashir even as she continued to strap her. Talk about a wild fuck. The three-way fun continued and they fucked and sucked all over the master bedroom, going at it well into the night...

Much later, Valerie Huong left the Redmond residence and headed back to her dormitory at the London Metropolitan University campus. Nora and Bashir were quite simply amazing, and their sexual prowess amazed even Valerie, and she'd been around the block in her hometown of Cao Bang, Vietnam. Valerie exchanged a heartfelt hug with Nora and kissed her and Bashir goodnight before taking her leave. The young woman had a big smile on her face as she rode the cab home. Valerie will definitely be visiting the Redmond residence again. Nora and Bashir are just about the best hosts whom Valerie has ever met!


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