Lisa's Sex Addiction

LIsa had been smoking weed, watching lesbian porn and edging her voracious pussy for about 6 straight hours without cumming now. At 2 hours she couldn't think straight, and by now, few remains of her brains were left. At this point she was so hungry for sex that her entire animal instinct had come alive. She was angry horny, desperate for hot cum, famished because no matter how much porn she watched or how many times she made herself cum with the Hitachi wand, she would not be able to produce delicious hot fucking addictive cum. It's what she needed, what she craved, what she dreamt of and what she thought about when she woke up every day. Nothing could replace it. And it couldn't be just anybody, she needed the cum of a sex addict.

As she thought that, Lisa fucked herself deeper with her dildo. What she was doing couldn't be called masturbation anymore, she was fucking herself. Lisa had beautiful perfectly manicured hands that were long and elegant and hard not to notice, and they were taking turns fucking her dripping wet pussy and squeezing her big full natural tits.

"I really wish my hands were covered in hot cum right now," Lisa moaned to herself, as she imagined how delicious it would be lick every drop from her finger.

This is what she did every day. Nobody knew of course. Lisa was a very private individual. She had been so careful all her life to never let anyone see who she really was. She wasn't on social media and if you googled her you wouldn't find much. She always knew that the core part of her, the most important part of her, was her sex addiction and her desire for lust.

She had struggled for long with the demon in between her legs. She was always horny. Everything in her adult life was something interrupting the time between her and her clit.

Lisa left the office every day at 5 sharp and as soon as she got in her car she'd take a big hit of her weed pen and would immediately feel the relief of being free to make pleasure and lust the center of her full attention.

She had a 30 minute drive that she filled by playing audio porn from her phone in the car. It was great background noise for her dirty mind. She had been begging for porn and pleasure the entire work day. It was so frustrating for her not to be able to play at work. Lisa's fingers prepped her pussy in the car by rubbing and fingering it whenever she could. She would slap her clit when the story she was listening to triggered her. By the time she got home her car seat was soaked and Lisa had flushed any and all things that had happened at the office all day from her brain. Anything that wasn't an accessory to her sexual thirst didn't matter, didn't exist, never existed.

She got in the door and immediately dropped her grey business skirt down in the floor and took off her business jacket. Her tight white shirt looked exhausted from having to hold back her heavy tits, which seemed to grow the hornier she got.

Lisa walked over now in nothing but bra, panties and heels to her weed corner to roll a joint. She was so excited because she knew that once she took a hit of the joint it was going to officially signal the point of no return. The weed triggered her hole body to give in, as soon as she took the first hit her pussy would release a flood of wetness. Lisa's delicious long body started to ache, in anticipation of the hours of pleasure it was about to receive. This wasn't a special occasion. This was every day. It was an addiction, but it was her addiction. She was the junkie and the dealer all at the same time. She rolled the big fat joint as her pussy screamed for attention.

Lisa got comfy in her sofa and lit the joint, her body knew when this happened that it wouldn't be long before her clit would be hit with a very long and intense edging session. Her pussy dripped, having gotten used to this glorious treatment every day. It was important, if she didn't do this she wouldn't be able to function in the normal world. Porn and masturbation were how she recharged her human battery right now.

She closed the curtains, went to her computer desk, removed her panties before sitting, sat down, opened a drawer full of dildos and clicked open the computer and instinctually clicked on her bookmarks where a discrete collection of her favorite porn links lived. She chose a random one and let it play as she lit the fat joint inhaling deep and immediately feeling the extra sensitivity in her body light up. She exhaled slowly and used her other hand to grab one of her vibrators. She set it on low and set it against the wall of her pussy.

Lisa's body released an initial tsunami of pleasure endorphins as soon as she started. It was her reward for making it through the day. It didn't take long for her to feel brain drunk on lust.

"I need cock so fucking bad!" LIsa would squeal as she watched a hot lesbian porn compilation, joint on one hand and the Hitachi want on the other. The chemicals in her body would convert all the hot girls moaning in the screen to sexual energy inside her. Her eyes would consume all the beautiful bodies, soft skin, vixen faces, tits, legs, moans and dirty talk like it was food.

"Lick my fucking cunt pussy, please!" She whispered and moaned to herself as if the two hot young lesbian actresses would hear here in the computer and jump out to both lick her pussy at once. She began letting the vibrator inside her pussy for the first time, making her eyes roll up. Lisa's imagination was so rich and visual that watching porn for her was a 5dimensional experience. She could put herself in any scenario she was watching and actually feel it. It was like being in the desert dying of extreme thirst and drinking a glass of cold water that while you were drinking quenched your thirst but as soon as you drank the last drop realized it was just a mirage, making her even more desperate for cock and cum.

"I need the fucking cum, I need to drink the fucking cum, please I need the fucking cum, " Lisa whimpered as she squeezed her big tits in offering this time upgrading vibrator to the powerful Hitachi wand which roared in low over her clit making her nerve endings go nuclear with pleasure.

Lisa knew better than to cum. She understood very well that if He was walk in the room right now He would want her in this state. She knew she didn't deserve to cum, merely to edge herself to stupidity for Him.

Who He was? She had never met Him, but she knew that He existed, because nature would not create a hunger so vast, a thirst so dry, a hole so deep in her soul if it didn't have anything to go right there and satisfy. Nature was in balance, and she knew that His cock would not be a normal one, it would be a Disneyland in a cock, and the requirement to ride it would be to have turned herself into a worthy sex addicted nympho. This was her destiny.

Lisa had a little trouble assimilating her nymphomania to her life. She was a woman in a conservative world and it's not something that friends or even regular boyfriends would understand, so she had opted to go inwards and keep this side of her private. She had suffered for years by making herself feel guilty and alone for her masturbation habits. The weight of the shame lifted the day she had an awakening by simply asking herself the question of why she was the way she was.

"It's not a curse, it's a's a message," Lisa thought to herself as the vision came in her mind like an exploding cock.

Nothing in her life or the 'real world' could match the pleasure and joy that she felt when she went deep into porn and lust. It was the only thing that made sense. All the girls she rubbed herself to must have all entered her mind and taken up a room in the brothel of her mind because ever since she started watching porn and masturbating the intensity and need for more of the same had never ceased to increase. Few people would understand that each and every orgasm was always more intense than the last one, hereby making it clear for Lisa's sex addicted brain that the only possible way forward was to feed herself more. It might not make sense to some, but it was clear as math to her.

Lisa was edging her pussy while watching two perfect vixen bikini lesbians making out. They were so beautiful, like twins, kissing and rubbing their big tits against each other. They were so gorgeous, so perfect and so desperately consuming each other in the video that it made Lisa ache. She was rubbing herself and feeding herself pleasure but she knew deep inside she was also torturing herself a bit too. She was out of control. She knew she would be unable to control the effect that her sex addiction was having in her life.

She knew that one day He would come. The aching lust she had accumulated would all be cashed out once the head of His cock went inside her. Everything will become just right. This is what she needed, this is what she worked so hard for. She knew deep inside she was meant for this, that He would want her in this state, her true animal libido. The way to His heart was through His cock and her addiction to sex was an offering. It would be a measure of respect, for she knew His cock knew lust and pleasure in ways she could only imagine, and the frustration His cock would have would outweigh the desperation that her pussy had caused her all these years. She watched porn for Him, she broke her brain for His cock. It was going to be worth whatever wait she had to endure.

Lisa was far from her human reality, but every day it took her closer to her Home.

To be cumtinued.


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