Chloe's Night Out

This is my first ever attempt at literotica, at and all feedback is highly appreciated. Disclaimer: all characters are over the age of 18, this is set in the UK - drinking age is lower.


I stare at Annette, or as she preferred to be called Ann, watching as she poured two spirit heavy vodka and cokes - tonight was the first night out in ages, and my first time at going to a club. "Just go with the flow babe" She murmured, handing me a drink and consuming half of hers in seemingly one mouthful.

Gulping at mine I grin and roll my shoulders back in an exaggerated manner, placing my drink down - I Sneer, "one does not simply 'go with the flow' Annette". It's wiped off my face as she pushes me roughly, causing me to collapse backwards on her bed.

"Call me that one more time, and I'll punish you."

"Oh yeah? How?" Giggling, I take another sip.

"Spanking of course!" The words are meaningless teasing, but that didn't stop the involuntary blush that decorated my face, and the twinge of something- below.

Shaking my head, I stand up and reach for the spirit bottle again, pouring our third drink of the night. Music fills the room, and together we laugh, dancing to the charts as we get ready.

"Tug me?" Ann widens her eyes, pouting and wiggling her hips side to side. It changes to a wide smile, as I swiftly grab either side of the red material and tug sharply, letting it fall as far down as it could - mid thigh length.

Glancing approvingly at her outfit: A tight backless red dress, pretty women-esque curls and matching lipstick. I turn to my own.

Thigh highs - fishnet, loose black skirt long enough to be acceptable when standing, and not at all if I was to bend over, a halter neck long sleeved crop top, matching red lip to Ann and looser curls. We look slutty.

"We look hot."


"6 sambuca shots, and 2 malibu oranges please," turning to me, Ann pulls something from her bag, " these are what I was talking about. They change the whole mood of a night out" Leaning closer, my eyes are drawn to my best friend's cleavage, and I have to force myself to avert my eyes to her hands. To the viagra pills to be exact.

"I- I'm not sure..." the protest falls on deafened ears as our drinks arrive and she takes one herself. Not wanting to be left out, I quickly follow. What have I got myself into?


Music pumping, drinks flowing and good company had loosened my anxiety. Together me and Ann dance on the floor, tightly pressed together in the small space. Each brush of her finger tips on mine or the pressure of our thighs hitting, sent tingles down my spine to one place. Biting my lip, I close my eyes and let myself go, dancing to the rhythm.

Turning slightly, I feel a pressure behind me, a body pressed against mine, tighter than before, a heavy hand placed lightly on my waist. "Can I get you ladies a drink?"

The deep voice sends shockwaves to my core, my very wet core. Blushing, I move out of the strangers grip and next to Ann who just smiles at the stranger, "IF your buying, and we get to choose" the words flow out of her mouth like honey fresh from the comb, her words and figure dance in a sensual way I hadn't noticed before.

The stranger, a tall brunette, whilst not exactly an abercrombie model, was rather spectacular to look at. Tall, and with all the confidence of a sauve playboy he screamed player, but the softness in his eyes was a tenderness most men lacked.

He walked past us to the bar ordering whatever it was that Ann requested, the katter had draped her arm across my shoulders, fingers brushing my sensitive breasts. "Honey, let yourself be. Let whatever happens, happen" Her other hand reached up and cupped my face lovingly. "Live tonight like no one is judging, like nothing will go wrong."

And staring into those eyes, I felt something in me snap, nodding I smirk and look for the stranger. "Let's go find Mr. Hunk, make sure the drinks aren't tampered with hey?" Real intentions left unsaid, I took the first step of many that night.


"So Chloe -'' Dan hands over the shot glass, an amber liquid from some bottom shelf rum: cheap, nasty, strong. " - Ann here mentioned this is your first club experience, and everyone knows you gotta do at least one spontaneous thing. What will it be?"

Before I could even process my actions the glass is leaving my lips empty and a smirk graces my face "Is this spontaneous enough?" Grinning at Ann I lean across the table, tug on his shirt and place a soft kiss on his lips, for a moment he freezes, before sinking his hand into my hair, pulling me in, the table presses into my stomach, and it's with a lurch I realise my ass was on show.

Trying to pull awayDan pulls my hair, stilling my movements, he kisses me roughly, his other hand loosely choking me and suddenly I couldn't care less about my ass. Or anyone else, just him, me and the tingles that erupted within, sending waves of pleasure to my clit.

Breathless we pull away, laughing slightly. Ann grabs me in a hug, her lips brushing against my ear "You naughty minx, who would've thought you had THat in you."

"Learnt from the best Annette" I retorted winking.

Her face drops. "What did I say about calling me that?" The words come out as growls, her eyes narrowed and angry.

"You'll punish me? But c'mon it was a compliment and-" Ann pulls my hair roughly, jerking my head backwards exposing my neck.

Leaning forwards, she whispers in my ear "Exactly. And when I say I'll do something, I mean it." Her lips trail softly down my jaw, my eyes involuntarily close as I feel the soft touches. Warmth, Ann's tongue leaves a wet warmth, causing an explosion of heat between my legs, before I can question what's happening I feel a wedge if lime is pushed between my lips, and something grainy sprinkles on my neck. Opening my eyes I watch her curiously,

She throws a smirk to the third member of our little party. "Enjoy the show Danny boy" The murmur, is soft much like her tongue that once more licks my neck, erasing all remaining salt, throwing her head back, she swallows the shot, discarding the glass before engulfing my lips. Biting the lime, the juice seeps between us and suddenly, I can taste her. And lime. And tequila and -

Her fingers have travelled between my open legs, softly tracing my wet lips, slipping between cloth and skin.

Somewhere between the kiss and me acknowledging her fingers the lime has been removed and it's just us, battling each other

"A-Anne?" I gasp, she pushes back with her mouth silencing me, fingers move faster, faster, faster. The tingles are ten fold, a bundle of energy, a wave of pleasure - nearing its peak. "I- I- Ann please, I-". Nothing.

She's pulled away and moved back, eyes gleaming playfully, a drink in hand. "Told you I would punish you."

Face flushed I whined involuntarily, my best friend, had just - just... and in a club no less!

"That certainly was a show indeed ladies" Dan speaks, for the first time since asking me the question, and the deep rumble once again sends shockwaves to my core, my sensitive dripping core.

"Pleasure performing for you." Ann coos, slim fingers tracing patterns on his shirt traveling upwards towards his lips. Smoothly, she swaps hands and suddenly it's glistening fingers that trace his lips. Not a word is said as between them both, her fingers are cleaned of my juices. Not a word is said as she looks at me just a smug grin. Then she's straightening up and pulling us both to the dance floor.


Time passed, drinks were consumed, kisses exchanged, fleeting touches given. Then suddenly we're falling on the same bed I had earlier, ripping off one another's clothes. Dan's rough hands guide me to his thick cock, pulling urgently on my hair, my tongue caresses his head, Anns my lips. We're joined as one, a symphony of sounds, movements.. bodily fluids.


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